IQ through USB

Not with the interface board which is currently available. The digital lines are physically not connected to USB micro-controller.

Ok. What’s the data rate limit for the USB micro controller for getting data from FPGA to pc?

You should be able to achieve about 40 MB/s data rate from uC to PC.


All information how to set-up DE0-Nano board is in [link]. When FPGA and FX2 is programmed you can run FFT.exe.


I am trying to run the FFT.exe program and there is also the question about
from where is it taking the IQ information. There is some writeup on the GUI but no writeup on how to set it up. Is it necessary to have another program running on the de-nano board fpga wit FX2 interface or what. Hope to get some clue on how to set upp fft.exe in order to get it to run.