Interface board

You have to contact Azio for this enquiry. I’m sure they can supply both boards.


Here is the link to interface board database:


Neither Terasic (the DE0 nano manuf.) or Azio seem interested in spinning the interface board.

What’s a good company to give the design files to build a complete board (ie, I don’t want to order a PCB and have a order and solder the components)?



have you seen this link:

It looks like they have developed board to support FMC interface as well.

I did contact them and they replied with instructions to ask the question here. In short, they let me with the understanding that they only sold the Myriad board. The other two I was on my own. I can find the Myriad and the DEO-Nano, but I can’t locate the interface board.

Yes. I was able to obtain the development data (design files, etc…); however, I was looking to order the board assembled like the other two boards. That is what we are unable to locate.

No I hadn’t. Looks like the page has been updated. Many thanks. I will follow up on it to see where it leads. Looks like a good lead. Many thanks

Thats it