How to enable Tx function by 6002Dr2.exe?

Hi TingWei,

Have you done the Register Test (GUI>>Tools>>Register Test…) ? It looks like your SPI interface is failing.


Ting Wei,

Use firmware_1v08.hex for Cypress uC.

Use gateware myriadRF_NCO_noSPI.sof to program FPGA.

This should establish SPI interface via uC.


The firmware_1v08, myriadRF_NCO_noSPI.sof programs FPGA to tristate SPI lines. So SPI can be established, as follows: GUI>>Cypress uC >>MyriadRF. I think, your Interface Board is pre-configured to bypass FPGA for SPI interface. No matter which GUI version you are using, this should work at anyway. It is only hardware related.


I have downloaded the from this link , I guess you have used the same.

The power sequence is not specified in a manual but I usually do like this:

Plug in mini USB to FPGA.
Plug  in mini USB to Cypress.
Power up interface board.

That works for me well. As you can see I use 2xUSB mini to power up FPGA and Cypress.

You may want to try software i am using:


I run GUI and engage the Register Map Test after Interface board and FPGA power up. Clock generator is programmed on GUI start up.

Interface board should be pre-configured to have SPI via the Cypress uC, nevertheless, check if SPI resistors are in place on interface board:





I have no idea, I just using the one which is working.

Anyway, glad you found the issue.

Hello, I thing this is the best section to place my questions, which is:
What is the difference between hardware TXEN and STXEN, similarly for hardware RXEN and SRXEN? Thank you.

Hi, Tomswein

SRXEN/STXEN registers are equivalent to TXEN/RXEN pins. The internal control signals are constructed using logical “AND” in the following way: iTXEN = TXEN and STXEN iRXEN = RXEN and SRXEN

I hope this helps you to get your answer.

Hi all,

Why the current does not change a lot when I configure Tx power? ?

I use software “6002Dr2.exe” to configure the DE0-nano development kit+de0 interface board+Myriad RF board. However when I enable the “Soft Tx Enable” & “Tx DSM SPI” in 6002Dr2.exe’s Top Level tab, the power supply does not change a lot. It is about 0.24A/5V and there is no RF signal in Signal analyzer.


Pictures are under below url:

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Hi Pixel,

Yes, but it is fail return value is 0A( not 00 or 0F). I don’t know register test is correlative.


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Ting Wei

Hi Pixel,

firmware_1v08, myriadRF_NCO_noSPI.sof can also controlled by 6002Dr2.exe.

There are two 6002Dr2.exe in the software. Which one should I use? They are different layout in the tab, Board.





I have download firmware_1v08 and myriadRF_NCO_noSPI.sof to Cypress IC and FPGA. Then I execute three 6002Dr2.exe versions,one is in firmware_1v06 and two are in firmware_1v08. It would suspend when I do register map test.

Could you provide your files, firmware_1v08 and MyriadRF_NCO_noSPI.sof to me for testing?

By the way, what is the power sequence? Power up by mini usb first for cypress or by wires for interface board first??




After powering up interface board, you open then GUI?

After opening GUI, the first step is doing register map test ? or loading clock generator’s header fie??

The platform always failed in register map test all day.





I found the problem. The problem is 6002Dr2.exe.

There are two GUI software versions which you provide.

One works, but another one can’t work.

The software which can work is 2291KB. Another one which can’t work is 2274KB.

However, I download again from your link. The software size are all 2274KB.

Do you have any idea for the software size??



Thanks for your help. I will keep notice the issue.



That’s a smart answer to a dicfifult question.