HF Tranciever

Hi. I am building a complete HF tranciever rig using a LimeSDR as the core.
And as I’ve seen and read a lot of posts here regarding this exact sort of project, I’d like to ask for some advice/input/comments.
So far I have only made a rudamentary schematic. Does this look allright? Any advice/input about this would be highly appriciated.

73, technot

A long time ago I published a “working NBFM transceiver on GNU radio”

73 JMG

I would suggest usage of only one TX-RX relay after ATU but without duplexer. Also, usage of another USB to PC relay system could be potential issue if you use LimeSDR GPIO at the same time. PC USB ports are very sensitive to RF leakage (45W for PA is high power). My current setup is LimeSDR GPIO + PIC 18F for sequencer (with independent watch dog), two separate RX-TX cables, only one high power relay and allow me 500W out on 2m band.