For sale: LimeSDR-USB with Easyfix2 modification - Europe

Hi, I offer a LimeSDR-USB with USB type A connector for sale. After buying a Yaesu HF-VHF-UHF transceiver I have not used my LimeSDR for a longer time.

The package consists of:

LimeSDR-USB with A type USB connector in good condition with original box and cable

EU Tax paid (located in Germany)

Easyfix2 modifications for both RX1_L and RX2_L inputs made by professional Lab

According to the measurements by Danny Webster described in his “Optimising LimeSDR matching for HF” document Easyfix2 gives around 6 dB more HF sensitivity then Easyfix1. Unfortunately, Lime refused to make the more complicated Easyfix2 modification and only offered Easyfix1. So, I had the modification made by a professional Lab

Assembled in Aluminium case (100x76x35mm) with the PCB front/rear panels from luftek using thermal silicon pad

12x U.FL to SMA female pigtails

If somebody is interested, I am asking 425 Euro + shipping charges.


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