GPS - What's the frequency Kenneth?

After some marginal success with spoofing gps signals last spring, I tried again but not having any luck. Sat down tonight to really dig in, and on searching for what the spectrum should look like, noticed the project I was following had the freq off by 30Mhz ( ) in the grc code. After making the correction to 1575.42MHz (plus scaling down to +/- 1 and watching in a wxgui fft sink) it works like gangbusters now! It was really marginal previously.

Anyway, now I can sit by the LimeSDR and play Pokemon Go without all that silly walking around. Tomorrow, Central Park. { Niantic might get suspicious if I just disappear here and show up there instantaneously! }.

Niantic will lock you out and possibly ban if you make moves like that.

I guess he was kidding.
What i’d be interested in is whether it is possible to just spoof time-signals? In other words send correct positional information, but rewind time by a few minutes. It would be very interesting to try to break TOTP based 2FA using this ethod.