I am using GNU RADIO on WINDOWS 10 to do amateur radio DVB-S2 experiments with the limeSDR mini
I am not a programmer.
I installed PothosSDR 2021 07 25 vc16-x64 with the Lime suite
I am using the Soapy Custom Sink or Osmocom Sink module
It works perfectly and I compile with pyinstaller or Auto Py to Exe to be able to share the tests with other radio amateurs.
In this case the exe crashes with the message:
RuntimeError: SoapySDR :: Device :: make () no match
It seems not to find the driver (driver=lime,soapy=0), I tried to add the paths or files to Pyinstaller without success as in Lime Suite compiling issues on Windows
The compilation works without the Soapy Custom Sink or Osmocom Sink module
Could you give me some ideas or solutions?
Thank you.

May be one to ask in the Pothos group:

thank you very much i have been trying to find information for a long time !

No answer on pothos group !
I may not give enough explanations and Windows seems less interested than linux!
nobody has any idea because I’m stuck on this project?
I did not find a solution on the other posts.

Thank you for your help


I have found that the problem comes from the relative path:

c:\xx\myPath\My_Compilation_ With_Soapy.dll
and other dll should be copied c:\xx\lib\SoapySDR\modules0.8\All dll

It now works on pc where Pothos is installed but not on another.

If I test with soapysdrutil it finds the modules but not the devices.

Thank you for your possible suggestions

It was also necessary to add the dlls corresponding to the drivers of C:\Program Files\PothosSDR\bin in the compilation .

I have found without help , if that can help anyone

Thanks for this forum.