Glitchy behavior | gr-limesdr | LimeSDR USB | Sinewave test

I investigated some more, and the waveform above seems to happen with the Rational Resampler before the WBFM block. When it is after the WBFM block, this abrupt envelope is not there, but the signal is still quite noisy.

So, I tried the following approach.

  • Limesuite allows me to read the settings on the device.
  • So I run SDRAngel, followed by Limesuite to take a dump of the settings -
  • Then I run gnuradio, followed by a dump of the settings. -

Both setting files are attached.

Both the debug logs too are attached. My knowledge in this is very limited, but in the case of SDRAngel-settings, the log ends like this.
DEBUG: Selected: VCOL
DEBUG: csw 169; interval [166, 172]
DEBUG: M=195, N=3, Fvco=1300.000 MHz

in the case of gnuradio, log ends like this
DEBUG: Selected: VCOM
DEBUG: csw 174; interval [171, 177]

Does that give any more insight?