Digital voice hotspot with MMDVM and a SDR device

Hello fellow amateur radio ops,
I’ve written an article about using a SDR device (your LimeSDR device perhaps) as digital voice hotspot for modes like DMR (tested), Yaesu System Fusion and D-Star, with a fork of MMDVM called MMDVM-SDR and GNU Radio (flowgraphs implemented in QRadioLink as bridge and control UI).

You can read the article at this link: Using GNU Radio and a SDR device as a digital voice hotspot with MMDVM supported modes like DMR

Since I only own DMR radios I have only been able to test DMR hotspot mode (full duplex, both timeslots on downlink, only timeslot 2 on uplink), however some of you probably have Yaesu and D-Star radios and can also test those, in which case I’d be very interested in hearing of the results.

Best regards,
Adrian YO8RZZ

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