de0-nano gateware


The ctr6002dr2 software communicates with USB micro-controller (MCU). The MCU on interface board does not support SPI interface so FPGA is used as a converter to translate the I2C to SPI interface.

In the new software updates, the FPGA is bypassed and the I2C to SPI conversion is done with on board chip. Check link below for updates:

You can save the register configuration for Myriad RF board, using ctr6002dr2 software ( click on file >> save register as…) and load it later with your baseband at power up.


It really depends on you. You can establish SPI interface via the FPGA if you see it more useful for you. The right gateware is still in the software package. Only you have to disconnect I2C-SPI bridge from SPI lines.



Is there any deeper writeup on how the gateware (demo) comming with the myriadrf software is working especially the registerhandling and if it for example competes with the ctr6002dr2 software in some way. Can one for example get the stuff running without first seting up things through ctr6002dr2.

Thank you Andrew for info but there is a part in my question that you did not directly answer. I would like to setup all needed register in the myriad-rf-chip just from a program in the FPGA. I understand that the SC18S602B i2c-spi bridge chip is now used for a more direct link from the interface board. But in principle I could still link directly from the FPGA ? even if I then have to write a lot of FPGA code that directly use SPI or do I have to go via the bridge chip using I2c (that would be a hassle for me in future developments).