CrowdCell Training and Hackathon Launch — 21/09, Madrid, Spain

CrowdCell builds upon the groundbreaking LimeSDR software-defined radio (SDR) technology to deliver an app-enabled path from IoT to 5G. The low cost SDR platform is able to support just about any wireless standard, with solutions and a technology roadmap for use from 10MHz up to 100GHz, limited only by the imagination of the software and application developers.

This event will also serve as the launch for an annual hackathon that will enrich the Telecom Infra Project by bringing together industry experts, wireless engineers and software developers, to embark on a collaborative journey to democratised wireless innovation for IoT, 5G and beyond.

The CrowdCell Hackathon is hosted by Vodafone in partnership with Lime Microsystems, and the Myriad-RF open source initiative for democratising wireless innovation.

For more details and to register, visit:


Looks very interesting. Will you be able to share the content online for those of us who will not be able to make it?