Communicate between Texas and myriad-rf board

i need to communicate between TMS320C6670 Evaluation Module (Texas Instrument) and myriad-rf board, can you helping me to know if the DE0-Nano interface board is the right choice to communicate between them? and if not, which interface board can be used?


DE0-Nano interface board is designed to interface DE0-Nano board. Luckily, the interface is done via pin header, so you can use it to connect to TMS320C6670 Evaluation Module (via 80 pin pin header on board connector). This is probably the only way how to connect both platforms.

At the moment, there is new board design for MyriadRF to interface multiple platforms via FMC, HSMC and pin header connectors. It is called Zipper board. It is not yet distributed, but it will not take long. You may ask Azio for exact dates.