CDMA or IS95 stack

Does anyone know of the existence of any (ideally FOSS) stack for IS95 or CDMA 2000 (or 1xEV-DO) networks? I mean the 3GPP2 standard. I want to connect with a Cellient MPN200 modem in the 420 MHz band against it. The CDMA network is already turned off in my country.

May be a good question to ask in the Osmocom community.

Here is popular article about the family of systems I’m interested in.

I could find some code snippets, mainly matlab.

And gr-cdma package.

So far, I have not been successful in putting it into operation. It doesn’t seem to me to be according to the 3GPP2 specification for phy by source codes I seen.

Did anyone try to play with it?

Comments on CDMA support can be found in the osmocom mailing list in 2015.

Yes, it is more difficult, as the modulation and encoding schemes are
more complex. But the fundamental reason is probably that somebody
needs to sit down and get it done. It’s not like there is a magical
group of people that just implements all of this for everyone else to
I’m not aware of a CDMA (IS-95 / CDMA2000) or WCDMA beacon receiver.
But you you can find similar projects for TETRA, GMR and OP25 all under
the Osmocom umbrella.
What’s needed is somebody who scratches his (strong enough) itch for
understanding / implementing the related bits of synchronization,
demodulation and decoding.

Right, sounds like you may need to develop a sufficiently strong itch, else put some itching powder on someone else :slight_smile: