CDMA or IS95 stack

Does anyone know of the existence of any (ideally FOSS) stack for IS95 or CDMA 2000 (or 1xEV-DO) networks? I mean the 3GPP2 standard. I want to connect with a Cellient MPN200 modem in the 420 MHz band against it. The CDMA network is already turned off in my country.

May be a good question to ask in the Osmocom community.

Here is popular article about the family of systems I’m interested in.

I could find some code snippets, mainly matlab.

And gr-cdma package.

So far, I have not been successful in putting it into operation. It doesn’t seem to me to be according to the 3GPP2 specification for phy by source codes I seen.

Did anyone try to play with it?