Cariboulite data transmission issue

Hello! It’s my first time here.
Im currently having an issue with the Cariboulite TXRX where I want to transmit binary data, but theirs no documentation or examples which I can follow at all for this in Python.
I have tried so many things at the moment, I just want to put in an array from 0 to 255, convert it to binary and transmit that data to a receiver.
This is currently the script I have, and Ive made sure I’m working in the license exempt band for the uk.

import numpy as np
import wave
from itertools import groupby
import SoapySDR
import time
arraN = [1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,255]
# make it one string
BinARray = []
for BinChunk in [format(x, '08b') for x in arraN]:
    for digit, group in groupby(BinChunk):
        BinARray.append([int(digit), len(list(group))])
# Setup SDR
sdr = SoapySDR.Device(dict(driver="Cariboulite", CW="1"))
sdr.setSampleRate(SOAPY_SDR_TX, 0, 1e6)
sdr.setBandwidth(SOAPY_SDR_TX, 0, 1e6)
sdr.setFrequency(SOAPY_SDR_TX, 0, 864.5e6)
sdr.setGain(SOAPY_SDR_TX, 0, 40)
tx_stream = sdr.setupStream(SOAPY_SDR_TX,  SOAPY_SDR_CS8, [0], {'CW': '1'})

for chunk in BinARray:
    if chunk[0] == 1:
        #print(f"1: {chunk[1]}")
        signal = np.tile(np.array([1]*chunk[1]), (2, 1)).T
        iq_signal = signal.astype(np.int16)
        #make np array
        for sig in iq_signal:
            sdr.setGain(SOAPY_SDR_TX, 0, 40)
            sdr.writeStream(tx_stream, [sig], len(iq_signal))
        for i in range(chunk[1]):
            sdr.setGain(SOAPY_SDR_TX, 0, 10)


Any help would be amazing.

In the bug report -

there is c++ sample program that works with the Cariboulite and it has a one to one to much of what you are doing, but the Cariboulite transmissions are messed up and they are looking into the problem.

ah that sucks, my university project has to be in within 30 days.
I’ll see if I can make a kind of working transmission using the continuous wave.
Im just wondering if their are other options than CW:1 tho

I’m afraid that this is not a MyriadRF project and if you could contact their product support and/or post in the associated community.

Ah im so sorry, i thought this was just an sdr forum