Arduino library for the LMS6002D

Why is the arduino library to control the LMS6002D is no more available?
I’m working on a project where I try to control the chip via an STM32F0 µC using arduino IDE…Has anyone the will to share the library???

There is an archive of one of the documents here: Myriad RF for Arduino Projects?

After speed reading the document, it looks like it uses the standard Arduino SPI comunications library.
So PC<-USB->Arduino<-SPI->LMS

I do not think that the missing control library will be a magic bullet.

You would still need to understand the Serial Port Interface section of the datasheet:
LMS6002Dr2-DataSheet-1.2r0.pdf @

And fully understand all the programming registers and their correct usage:
LMS6002Dr2-Programming and Calibration Guide-1_1r4.pdf @

My guess would be that the information was made inaccessible, by accident, on a server data migration - but I’m only guessing.

There is a sample file here using SPI to communicate with a LMS7002M, but the method would be similar for a LMS6002D - it is not trivial. Control LimeSDR via SPI using Arduino MCU

@mzs thanks I’ll give it a try during the next few days…As you said, reading the datasheet and the relevant associated documents is a must to handle the chip.
there is a umtrx library on github but for some reason it didn’t work for my hardware setup, that’s why I want to try another Library.
As you may for sure know, reading datasheets and applications notes is indispensable, but my experience as an EE tells me that one may miss a key hidden detail within the enormous documentation. So, for my taste, using a working library on my hardware design is an important step to validate or no this later.

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