Anyone try using the Lime as an exciter on an HF Radio Mod?

Seeing as the Lime does not have much output power for transmission it’s not enough for most linear amplifiers either. However it would make for a sufficient exciter if connected in place of the existing exciter. I was considering modifying an old Kenwood TS-130se and making a bypass switch to support an external exciter. The radio is capable of SSB and CW only so with SDRAngel I would gain access to more modes and be able to cheat on the CW (for now).

I would have to look at a schematic and see if I can splice in a switch. Just a random idea at this time but thought it would be a fun budget way to get my Lime on the air.

Thanks for any input. Hoping to kick this idea around.

Mike - KD9POE

@Grimmace - Mike,

As a Ham, too, (KN0CK) I can attest that you can drive the Lime with a PA that is capable of up to +10dBm drive input and whatever gain it has. I currently have both the genuine Lime Microsystems PA module, the LimeRFE, as well as a PA that I purchased awhile back from EBay that drives with a +10dBm signal input. The LimeRFE is tailored specifically for the LimeSDR and works excellent with it. The other PA is also acceptable and drives to 70W when driven with +10dBm via the LimeSDR. Your application of taking the Lime’s output and driving the TS-130SE is acceptable, but you will also have to have bandpass filters capable of switching to the band that the Lime is operating at, too, so you can keep any RFI from occurring that could be out of band (since the LimeSDR is wider band for the PA output on the board). Provided you have that covered the Lime will be a great sidekick to your 130SE where the path that accepts +10dBm (or so) can drive that whole PA chain appropriately. You will have to perform some research on that radio to see where you can switch the 130SE and LimeSDR to the point that will drive to +10dBm and then see what happens.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

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