Antenna gain


I try to find antennas for the myriad board.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I calculate the maximum transmission gain, and I found 27 dB and the maximum reception gain, I found 78 dB.
for 2.14 GHz frequency , what is the gain of the antenna that should I use with the myriad board?

Thank you!



Hello Amina,

You have specified the dynamic range of the LMS6 Tx and RX path. The absolute gain depends on frequency, hence the TX output power and receiver noise figure (NF) is more of interest for you. At 2.14GHz, you should be able to transmit +5 dBm CW signal and NF is below 3dB (use TX1 and LNA2 as RF IN/OUT).

Based on above, you should be able to decide what antenna gain is required.