Zigbee transceiver - testing

I am hoping that someone here can assist, working with GNU Radio trying to get a Zigbee transceiver to work…

Rx with a bit of work… but the packets are coming. Q: is it correct that the gain needs to be cranked? That doesn’t seem right.

Tx is a whole other story, I have not been able to get the transmit to work. I continue to get “popping from TX, samples popped 680/1020”. I have been able to figure out that this is referring to timing / sampling… but not sure how to fix it. I am running form Ubuntu 18.04 (but VM… maybe the cause??). I have yet to get this Lime SDR USB to transmit. :frowning:

Any help appreciated…

Freq 2.48e9
Sample 4e6
tx_gain 60 (max, I think)


You may have success running via a VM, but if experiencing issues that appear related to throughput, this is the first thing I’d want to remove from the equation.


Thank you… I will switch to bare metal.