Xtrx - Some questions according GPS

I am looking for a adequate SDS module for a aviation project (GitHub - b3nn0/stratux: Fork of the original cyoung/stratux with multiple patches for flying in europe)

The minimum requirements are:
1x RX for ADSB
1x RX for OGN (868 Mhz)

optional, but nice to have:
1x RX for GPS
1x TX for OGN

I have had good experience with the LimeSDR mini so far, I thought to use the XTRX for my project.
I still have a few questions about my planned application

  1. The TXRX has an on board GPS module. The PCIe pinout does not show any USART for NMEA output. Is the module only used for getting PPS out of it for accurate signal timing? Is it possible to get out the NMEA sentences on the USB2.0 interface that is pined out so that it would be recognized as a virtual COM port? Or on any other pins that could be set to USART via LimeSuite?

  2. Which GPS module did u use

  3. If the direct output of NMEA is not possible: This might be a general question - Is it possible to create a flowgraph in gnuradio that generates NMEA sentence, program it on the TXRX and expose it via the PCIe interface as a virutal COM port?

Thanks for reading at this point and I’m looking forward to read your answer…

Kind regards, Konrad

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