Is it possible to use LimeSuite for XTRX , if it’s possible how can I process with !?

As far as I know this uses LMS7002M Driver and to use Lime Suite you would need to add board support to it.

Hello, I have the same question here. The XTRX libraries are unfinished and their Soapy implementation is not complete. I thought since there is a lot of hardware similarity, perhaps LimeSuite and its respective Soapy drivers could be of use for me.

Does anyone have any advice on where to begin to add board support for the XTRX to LimeSuite? The XTRX already has a lot of code written for it, can any of it be used to aid this process?

Thank you.

There is a gr-osmosdr that is patched for the XTRX -

you could try it - if it works, it would have the information need to complete the Soapy drivers.

Regarding supporting XTRX directly in Lime Suite, I’m not sure how much work would be involved. Just a wild guess, but could be that there are two options: 1) implement gateware/firmware changes that make it behave more like LimeSDR hardware; 2) do more work in Lime Suite to support a divergent design.

Perhaps @Zack could say more.

It requires more deep analysis but at first glance this option is most suitable I think:

Treat it as another LimeSDR board and port a gateware of one of our PCIe based boards. Support from LimeSuite needs to be added as well.

Thanks, @Zack. Am I correct in thinking that this would in part meaning implementing support in XTRX for the LMS64C protocol? If so a possibly useful link:

LMS64C protocol implements control plane only, you have to implement IQ data streaming as well.

Hi all, just wanted to chime in here to say that we also recently started using the XRTX and also realized that the software support for it seemed pretty abandoned. We have started fixing some of the issues, but if there’s an effort to add LimeSuite support for XTRX, we might be quite interested in collaborating.