Without on chip MCU involved, Can the calibration be done only with FPGA?

Currently, We don’t want to use the on chip MCU to involve the calibration, We just want to finish the calibration with FPGA and its NOISII, is ti possible?

Seems like it should be, since calibration used to be performed on the host and what you’re suggesting is to perform it in between there and where it’s currently done. But there may be something I’ve not considered and @Zack or @IgnasJ could likely confirm.

The MCU firmware source code could be compiled for NIOSII, it would just need to modify SPIwrite/SPIread functions to use NIOSII io functions. The only problem could be the resulting size of the compiled program to fit into fpga memory

Thanks andrewback and ricardas!
I can choose a FPGA with big RAM resource. Nowadays, the RAM/ROM size on MCU is very limited. it spends several
times to finish the whole calibration with MCU,. meanwhile, if I use NOISII, I just load the programm once to finish the calibration. Do you agree with me ?
if I choose NoisII in spite of MCU to run the firmware, Do you know the flow of calibration?

Did you succeed in implementing the calibration procedure on an FPGA?