Wireless Masterclass video series

A little while ago we updated the presentations from the LimeSDR Workshop we ran back in March, then filmed the first four in a studio environment. I’m happy to say that the first of these is now edited and up on YouTube:


This introduces wireless communications and digital radio basics. The videos complement the LimeSDR Made Simple post series from Karl and will hopefully prove useful to those new to SDR or the LimeSDR platform.


The second video in the series has been published to YouTube and in this Dr Danny Webster takes a look at the LimeSDR and LMS7002 FPRF, along with common issues with SDRs and how best to address these:


Understanding the LMS7002 architecture and how best to configure the device is key to getting the most out of the LimeSDR, so this is recommended viewing for anyone who owns a board.

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The third instalment is now out and this takes a look at the real radio link. Highly recommended viewing for anyone who has ever asked such questions as, “How sensitive is the receiver?”, or “How far will my signal go?”


The fourth instalment is now up and this takes a look at advance digital radio, exploring topics such as detecting and reducing data loss, spread spectrum, OFDM and MIMO.

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