Win 7 32-bit build of SoapySDR and SoapySDRUtil, can't find drivers

This is probably a very simple problem, but I haven’t been able to find a solution on the Forum or elsewhere.

I am running SDRConsole on my Win 7 32-bit machine, with RTLSDR and LimeSDR radios, using the LimeSDR driver from the SDRConsole website. I assume that this is a SoapySDR driver. Both radios are working fine.

Now, I am trying to build SoapySDR and SoapySDRUtil on Win 7 32-bit with VS 2015. They both build OK, but when I run SoapySDRUtil, it can’t find the drivers. Is there a separate installation step required, or a particular location to put them? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Allan

This is one for @joshblum I think.

SoapySDR itself is basically just an empty shell without hardware support modules. You would have to build LimeSuite as well which comes with hardware support and a soapysdr support module. LimeSuite is pretty good about building only the components you need, so you dont need the wx gui stuff for example. Probably just cypress usb drivers and SoapySDR in this case.

I don’t know if its possible to get SDRConsole and or 64-bit linux going for your machine. But I package a ton of this software up for 64-bit windows (msvc 2015)

I occasionally get requests for win32 version of the installer. And I guess win32 is nice since its going to work universally on 64 and 32-bit windows, but since PothosSDR is also a development environment the 64-bit stuff gets preference. I figured most machines these days are 64-bit anyway when it comes to x86. Anyway, thats just my reasoning, it would be tougher on my part to build everything twice for each architecture.