Why Limesdr can not jamming?

I am giving noise lte cell download singals phone doesnt disconnect from lte . Why ? I can not understand . I am giving noise to 2412 mhz wifi is disconnecting . But phone is not affecting why I can understand ? I configured a noise source and connected to osmocom-sink. I am giving noise to my wifi signal . Wifi is disconnecting . I tried in phone. I opened service mode in samsung galaxy m10. I find earfcn 3075 and calculate download frequency. I tried to give noise in it. But Phone doesnt affected . I dont understand . I think my limesdr have problem but I am trying with wifi İt is disconnecting . I am trying to phone lte signals there is no affect ?

LimeSDR transmit power is lower at 3GHz than at 2.4GHz.

LTE has a much larger link budget than wifi and can therefore withstand more noise.

LTE can switch to another frequency/band.

But I follow the frequency. For Example İt is connected band 3 earfcn 1450 .

I calculated it with calculator

Requested Earfcn : 1450 Band Name Bandwidth (MHz) Mode Earfcn DL Downlink (MHz) Earfcn UL Uplink (MHz)
3 1800+ 75 FDD 1450 1830.00 19450 1735.00

İn Samsung Galaxy Service Mode it is giving to me this earfcn and has 20 mhz bandwitch.
I programmed limesdr to make noise 1830 mhz download frequency and 30 mhz bandwitch but dont do anything ? No Switching I am following frequency in samsung galaxy service mode . İt is no changing any frequency . But not affecting ?

LTE has around 160 dB link budget.
The LimeSDR can probably not transmit enough noise to overpower the LTE signal.

What ? 160 dB : ) My Phone is giving -101 Db Lte Signal. This is Turkey. : ) I am living in turkey . A man is basicly jamming lte signals with hackrf one in this video . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHRrA2I1l6Q Why limesdr can not jamming with same way ? Limesdr is most powerful from hackrf one ?

Aside from anything else, if you have a legal requirement for signal jamming, you probably would not need to ask questions here :wink:

İf I want to illegal jamming I buy a jammer and do it . There are a lot of jammer device for illegal jamming. But I dont understand why limesdr can not jamming lte frequencies ? Hackrf one can do it . Limesdr is powerful than hackrf one . I am trying to make noise in lte band it no affecting . We trying with hackrf one it is closing lte connection . Why ? İs Limesdr is censored ?