Where to put the wcdma.wfm file?

Got my LimeSDR board this morning (Germany) :slight_smile:
I’m following the instructions given here: https://wiki.myriadrf.org/LimeSDR-USB_Quick_Test
Got to Section 3.6, step 3, Click ‘W-CMDA’
The response is “File not found lma7suite_wfm/wcdma.wfm”
That folder and file exists in my Downloads folder.
That is probably not the correct place, so where should they go?

Windows 10 AE x86_64
LimeSuite 17.01.1-PothosSDR-2017.02.02-vc1


The answer is in the message :wink:
You should put it to “lma7suite_wfm/wcdma.wfm” i.e. there should be folder “lma7suite_wfm” in the same level as LimeSuiteGUI executable and this folder should contain wfm files.

I think it’s actually a typo and should be “lms7suite_wfm/wcdma.wfm”. On Linux, and presumably OS X, this would be relative to where you launched LimSuiteGUI from. Not sure about Winwdows… Relative to “My Documents”?

What worked for me is clicking the Browse button, selecting the WFM file, then pressing the Custom button.

Found \Program Files\PothosSDR\bin\lms7suite_wfm
This folder was empty.
Copied files from downloaded and unpacked ‘lms7suite_wfm.gz’* archive into the folder.
Section 3.6, step 3 now works as expected.

Now failing at section 3.7. Reporting my OpenGL version as being v1.
That will be another story… :slight_smile:

*Edge downloaded the archive file with a ‘.gz’ extension.
Had to rename it to ‘.tgz’ so that WinZip could unpack it correctly.

Download the lms7suite_wfm file and rename it to wcdma.wfm then, on windows 10 at least, create a folder called 'lms7suite_wfm in the ‘bin’ folder and chuck the wcdma.wfm file into it. :slight_smile: