What is the password of OpenBTSLimeSDR. tar. gz?

I downloaded OpenBTSLimeSDR. tar. GZ from downloads. myriadrf. org and imported it into lxc. When using the command “sudo LxC exec OpenBTSLimeSDR bash”, I asked for a password. What password should I enter? Or how to set the password?

Pinging @andrewback.

The password will be the password of the user on the computer - I assume this is your computer, so your password.
man sudo

The password has nothing to do with the zip file, it’s sudo that’s asking for your password.


Thank you for your reply. I used LxC for the first time. I don’t know much about this program.
The password I need to enter is the password I set when I installed lxc, right?
Here’s my screenshot. I’ll try again.

Did you download and read the OpenBTSLimeSDR.README file, it says “Note - you will not be able to log into the console without first starting a shell and setting the ‘ubuntu’ users password or putting an ssh key in home/ubuntu/.ssh/authorized_keys first.” I’ve never used LxC, but I’d start by entering something like “how to reset the password in an LXC container” in my search engine of choice.

The problem was solved by modifying “etc/shadow” to cancel the root password, and then logged in.

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