What is the approx. Rx threshold level (dBW) of LimeSDR?

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I am looking for LimeSDR datasheet and want to know about Rx threshold level (dBW) referenced to a BER of 10-3 for digital or manufacturer’s specification for analog signal, but there is no such information about the model LMS7002M. Is there any idea about that ?

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This question is really best asked of @Zack because he can give you clarity on this.

Calling @Zack can you answer Aarti’s question? Please advise at your soonest - thanks,

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@martywittrock : Thanks alot for referring to right person.
@Zack : Hi Zack, can you please give approx. value for the Rx. Threshold level (dBW) of limeSDR and could you tell me what is the relationship between RSSI and Rx threshold level for LimeSDR ?

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The Tx should be up to -20dBW but the Rx I don’t know, I can’t find it anywhere.

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I could able to find out the Rx Input level should be -50 dBW to -100 dBW.