What is the address of LMS7002's internal SRAM

In datasheet, it said that there is an on chip microcontroller, which has a 18K SRAM(16K for program, 2K for work). And it is mentioned that the program can be downloaded from external BB processor to SRAM.

My question is:

  1. what is the address of SRAM?
  2. Is the address buddled with registers?
  3. In Programming and Calibration Guide, there is no description of SRAM:

    can it be accessed by SPI?
  4. If Q3’s answer is not, then how to download code to uC’s SRAM?


  1. SRAM is not directly addressable from outside.
  2. All interactions with the uC is done through SPI registers [0x0000:0x0006] (mSPI in Programming and Calibration Guide)
  3. uC program can be loaded using SPI or booted from EEPROM: program_mcu