What if crowd funding fails?

The “no one will get a LimeSDR” part makes me sad. :unamused:

When campaign fails, is there any chance that in future will be new campaign with redesigned LimeSDR based on LMS8001? Otherwise 'll have to buy HackRF One. :pensive:

This would mean that they need to sell 100 LimeSDRs per day … that will not happen :((

Sad … I was very much looking forward to it,

Maybe they find a last minute 100k sponsor?

I’d give the campaign a very low chance of not being funded at the current rate of pledges http://i.imgur.com/HbogQQe.png?1 Most campaigns usually have a high peak of pledges in the last few days similar to the first few days of pledges. It is possible, but I think at the current rate it is highly unlikely that this project will not be funded.

I hope you are right!
(maybe it would have better to put it “I give it a very high chance of being funded” instead of “low chance of not being funded” :wink:

Maybe all the negativity in this thread was blocking my positivity.

I’d say we’re getting into some pretty dangerous time constraints. What might help is some last-minute publicity. I’ve submitted a blurb to eham.net, I hope it gets approved and quickly. An article on Slashdot or similar sites may bring in more sales as well. If not an article, then an ad? I could try to submit something to slashdot - I’ve been a member there since the very beginning so that might work in favour of getting a submission accepted.

I submitted it to slashdot. If you’re a user there, you can help it’s chance of hitting the front page by voting it up. Slashdot link to upvote

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Slashdot is a dreadful site :frowning:

I just upvoted on slashdot. As it was predictable that it would be a struggle, I tried to place it at The Inquirer and Heise in Germany. Sadly they did not write any article … resubmitted two days ago.

BTW I do not think I am negative, I am realistic. We did not even reach 400k, and it is 4 days to go. So we need to sell 100+ LimeSDRs per day. That is substantially more than the average.

It’s at $407,666 as I write this. I am considering buying a second LimeSDR just to help get this funding to work.I am sure I could sell it at a small profit come December.

Slashdot may be horrible. Someone just marked my submission as spam.

I wish we could get one of those 100k sponsors again.

It say’s now 106% funded! :slightly_smiling:

now 87% again :frowning:

I already resign myself to the fact that it will not get funded and I would have to buy either bladeRF or USRP B210.

@SabineT I saw it as well, it jumped from 435,206 to 534,206 (+$99k) and then dropped back to 435,206 in less than 30 minutes.

I guess someone clicked on $99k pledge by mistake or something like that :frowning: Similar thing has happened when EE did their $99k pledge - there were 2 those $99k pledges for some brief time.

They are getting close to the goal though,j ust 50k more guys.
I pledged for two LimeSDR and I’m a broke student lol

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I do not know but maybe there is possibility to extend deadline?

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