What does "soapy=1 or soapy=2 or soapy=3 or soapy=4" mean?

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I’m seeking documentation/explanation for the variable=values “soapy=1 or 2 or 3 or 4”.
A partial explanation of “soapy=0” is given on: “Home · pothosware/SoapyRemote Wiki · GitHub”.
“Instructs GrOsmoSDR to use the Soapy support. Required if GrOsmoSDR might find other devices on the local machine.”

But this explanation does not explain what “soapy=0” means, nor does it explain the use of values other than “soapy=0”.

So, what do the following values of “soapy” mean and what is their use:

I’d appreciate a pointer to documentation or an explanation.

Thank you.

A one hours cruse through the source code shows “gr-osmosdr” with the “soapy=value” calling the soapy routines. The soapy routines never access the variable “soapy” - so I assume that the value does not matter to them, but of course stick with the “soapy=0” or “soapy=0,driver=*****" - I was using “soapy=1” for a while and it seemed to work OK and no different than “soapy=0”.

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I appreciate the information.
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