What do I need to install to get started? What else might I need besides these?

Beginner here trying to install all the required software from source and getting it working on an Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine and I’m just wondering which of the following software are necessary to install and if you can give me any tips on installing them, working with them, etc.

Pothosware Framework & Support
Pothosware SoapySDR
GNU Radio
EttusResearch UHD

Specifically I’m sure I need everything on this list except UHD and BladeRF. Is that correct? Thank-you.

If you want to write your own SDR routines, LimeSuite has everything that you need.
If you want to write SDR routines that will work with many SDR devices, Pothosware SoapySDR has everything that you need.

The Pothosware Framework & Support lets you build programs using a GUI interface.
The gnuradio-companion lets you build programs using a GUI interface.

There are dozens additional libraries required to install gnuradio.

Installing from source can be very troublesome and not something a beginner should do unless it is really necessary or he does not mind having to do a lot of research.

What I want is to have all the necessary tools at my disposal in order to do basically anything I want with radio. The 1st thing I wanted to do is make a cell phone signal blocker and I was under the impression that osmocom_siggen & gnu radio were the simplest ways to do so. Are you saying I can do all of that with just LimeSuite alone? All I have is a LimeSDR USB. Not planning on buying any other radios just maybe the new LMS9000 expansion board for my Lime hacker case whenever that finally releases. To get LimeSuite to do everything, what would I need? Any dependency’s or learning resources you can point me to?

Virtual machine is generally not advisable. May work. May not. Might have a hellish time with USB 3.0 pass-through issues, or might not. Best avoided if just starting out in particular.

You’ll likely have a much more pleasant experience running with a native O/S install :slight_smile:

osmocom_siggen & gnu radio have prepackaged routines that you may want to use, but they work at the lowest level by calling the LimeSuite routines. basicRX and basicTX are simple routines to receive and transmit using lime devices.

c++ -std=c++11 -o basicRX basicRX.cpp -lLimeSuitec
c++ -std=c++11 -o basicTX basicTX.cpp -lLimeSuite

you just need to compile and run them.