What about an RX-only variant of the 'mini?

So, an RX-only variant of the 'mini would be useful for building budget-friendly radio astronomy systems for highschools. I’m thinking just a simple manufacturing variant that has the TX-side components depopulated (matching network components, and the TX connector), to shave the BOM costs a bit.

Just an idea. Don’t know how feasible.

Combine this with Soapy/Gr-osmosr support for being able to set up external clock synchronization, and this would be very attractive for certain types of widely-deployable small-scale radio astronomy projects.

Interesting thought. Not sure how much it would save, given you still have the USB 3.0 controller, FPGA, LMS7002M and TCXO, which is where the bulk of the cost is. I suspect that all we’d save on is an SMA connector and some Tx matching networks. Worth asking the question though and will discuss with colleagues.