.wfm player no longer works GW2.18

Updating killed .wfm player on FPGA Controls.

I have two LimeSDR 2x2 USB boards. Both used to play .wfm files. I am using the same .ini and .wfm files and getting no output on one. Hosted on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Working one has old software:
FW 4; HW 4p1; GW 2.16 Limesuite 18.04.1

No longer working:
FW 4; HW 4p1; GW 2.18 Limesuite 18.10.0
The file loads and the bar fills to 100%, but Play does not produce output. The built in Onetone and W-CDMA don’t either. The “Test signal” source on the TxTSP tab does produce output.

How does one properly roll back the software and firmware? Where to download old versions and how to revert? Please help!

Is there possibly another setting that changed with the update which would kill the signal path (i.e., the player IS working but something prevents transmission)? How to troubleshoot?

Thank you!

Normally, I select an older gitrev and download and recompile.

The old pre-compiled LimeSuiteGUI are being stored here: http://repo.myriadrf.org/builds/limesuite/

Or you can directly download the old versions of the Gateway from here: http://repo.myriadrf.org/project/limesuite/
And then select those files when installing from LimeSuite