We will pay for an Open Source LIMESDR Application

Dear All,
We would like to fund an open source application that is capable of:

General: TX and RX with LimeSDR / LimeSDR mini. Preferrably using Gr-Limesdr Source-Sink.
Able to use GNU Radio blocks for signal processing. Windows/Linux cross compilable.
Has Controls for TX and RX.
Preferably written in C++/ QT.

Displays: FFT and Constellation Plot.

Input/ Output:
Capable of accepting TCP/IP connections to transmit the received IQ samples from the Network.
Capable of accepting TCP/IP connections to send received IQ samples to the Network.

We know that this looks like a simplified version of SDRAngel but we would like to use a standalone application that can Integrate GNU Radio functions in it.

Does GQRX meet your needs for RX?

AFAIK GQRX has no constellation display.

Nice ! how much would you fund in such project ?

Since it is going to be Open source and the glory of it will belong to the author, I am waiting for proposals. Our main aim is to have a stand-alone application which can use GNU RADIO blocks.