V2.2 fan supply pins on pcb

Simple questions:

On the v2.2 pcb, there are 2 pins for Fan

Is this 5V? Is it connected directly to USB 5V rail? Is 250mA ok?

Peter M0LNB

Seems it is 5V by default and the fan can be controlled. See the last page of the schematics:

Also the documentation has notes on mechanical mounting:


Thank you. I will probably wire it to the 5V USB_VBUS as I’m not sure SDR Console can enable the Fan control Fet.

Peter M0LNB

I think it’s best to use the Fet controlled Fan supply, as it can be switched off if causing interference.

The Fet gate comes from an FPGA pin.

Does SDR Console have API access to enable/disable that pin? If yes, we can ask Simon to add a radio button for it when he’s free.