Using JTAG to debug FW and FPGA


Can anyone please help with the procedure of debugging FX3 and FPGA using JTAG connectors?
Also, is there any specific tool/application that I need to use and any special cable and/or hardware needed for the same?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.


Hi @gchat,

For FPGA use USB Blaster and SignalTap.
For FX3 you may use this:

Thanks a lot for this @Zack.

Any alternatives for ARM-USB-OCD, as I can’t find a quicker delivery on this?


Segger J-Link:

Thanks for the quick response. But seems more expensive :slight_smile:


Actually, most of distributors have in stock this device. Digikey, Mouser, Farnell.

Thanks @Zack for your help so far.

Do you have any idea about the setup with OpenOCD and Eclipse? Would it be possible to run FW on LimeSDR target board and debug in Eclipse (on the machine ARM-USB-OCD-H is connected to)?

Thanks in advance.