User Guide for LimeSDR V1.4. PDF

User Guide for LimeSDR V1.4. PDF

Several hundred LimeSDR are now in early 2017 in the wild and in the hands of users, with no PDF documents available.
It would now be a priority to have a downloadable User Manual Guide PDF to be able to start and run the LimeSDR in good conditions without spending time on the Wiki of your platform.

Your Wiki version is very important but really insufficient for us users.

It is abnormal when February 2017 since this project was born in 2015 no effort has been focused on the creation of a real User Manual PDF downloadable and created before deliveries of your first LimeSDR Version 1.4

Myriad FR, please make every effort to implement this essential and necessary document for all your customers

Very cordially

Bernard MALET


@Bernard what kind of information would you expect to be printed?

SDRs are a moving target. Their functionality is provided by the software, which is NOT provided by lime.

That means a wiki is perfectly suited as a means of documentation.

In addition all relevant parts come with their documentation (main chip, fpga…), just in case you want to dig in really deep.

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The SDR is a flexible beast with distributed documentation, and I agree with Bernard – hardware (circuit and components), FPGA firmware, and LimeSDR software differ in v1.4 from v1.2. So a User Guide, similar perhaps to the v1.2 User Guide of May, 2016, would be helpful.