USB Connector Options?

I’ve seen pictures on your twitter feed showing microusb female connector on the board; but only pictures with the male style USB plug on the CrowdSupply page…will the microusb female connector be an option for boards purchased though the CrowdSupply campaign?


I am interested in the answer to this question.

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So am I.

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I would like an answer too. Thanks.

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As far as I am aware all the campaign USB boards will be the plug variant and not the socket.

Socket variant would be better. Hanging the LimeSDR with PC directly is not a good idea ( anything protruding outside of the board will get broken easy)

There are these cables called a “USB 3.0 extension cable” that you can use to move most devices up to maximum of about 9 feet (3 meters) away from your PC (provided the quality of the cable is high enough, oxygen free copper etc.).

You do not have to plug it into the back of your PC/Laptop, I think that would be a very bad idea from an EMI perspective alone.

The socket variant for device side board mount is unquestionably the industry standard for this situation. Why was the plug variant chosen over the jack? Thanks.

I noticed that there is an option for new backers to choose which USB connector they want (either micro USB B socket or USB A plug). What about backers that already pledged? How can I and other backers decide which option we want? Of course microusb is preferred (it is de facto industry standard as @atommota mentioned).

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You can change your order by sending an email to

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Thanks @tmy . Will do that. BTW. By default type A is selected. Maybe you can change that to type B to be default as (I guess) it is preferred connector?

Thanks for the option! How about the noise between the 2 options? Will be any difference?

Many thanks for listening to the feedback and giving us the option to choose our connector. I’ve switched my order to the microUSB option and look forward to (hopefully upon successful funding) receiving my board. I am still curious why the A connector was even offered. Does it offer a benefit(s) that I am not aware of?


Hi fellow members! Im seeking opinions on which connector to go with.
Here is as i see the pros for the USB-A:

  • more surface contact area
  • robust, trough hole design less chances to be ripped off the board
  • snugs in to the receptical more securily
  • sticks outside the board
  • a bit unconventional in use, have to use the extension cable

For the USB 3 Micro-B
-flash with the board
-have more conventional cabling options
-not as secure in connection as full size A, less surface contact area, less snug when plugged in
-surface mount, have beter chances of lifting off the board.

what concerns me that all of the SDR vendors who tried Micro-B eventially moved away from it.(Ettus, Nuand)
is there anythng serious that prompted the LimeSDR team to change to the Full Size-A option? Perhpas it is a very valid choice and we better stick to it?


I select USB-A because:

  • price of USB 3 cable A-A is in my country 3x lower than all solutions with USB 3 Micro-B (USB 3 Micro-B is not enough common)
  • USB 3 i can connect direct to PC, notebook, USB 3 hub or OTG cable for phone

I think it’s mostly a matter of personal preference and what you consider the most practical.