USB Communication Protocol

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I’m programming a c++/qt GUI that should generate some waveforms to the LimeSDR transmitter and also receive signals from the receiver to digitally process them. So far, so good, I was able to implement a waveform generator and the intended DSP blocks for my specific application. But I still can’t utilize the USB3 to send/receive data to the LimeSDR. I thought about utilizing part of the code from LimeSuite (specifically the waveform player) but I’m kind of lost in the complexity of the project.

Can someone shed some light on this issue please? Specifically, how can I send data for the transmitter and receive data (and that data format) from a GUI other than LimeSuite? Do I also have to program the FX3 firmware? What are the libraries and the best language to communicate with the USB3 port? I would like to use c++/qt but I also did some tests with python and they were both unsucessful.


Hi @Franco,

Have you seen these examples:


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SDRangel is written in C++ and uses the Qt framework. The LimeSDR interfaces are located in plugins/samplesource/limesdrinput (for receive) and plugins/samplesink/limesdroutput (for transmit). Some common routines can be found in devices/limesdr.

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