URH adding LimeSDR support

An interesting tool and development looks to be very active. Using Python 3.4+, PyQt5, etc.

I don’t see a separate branch for adding LimeSDR support so maybe it’s not a huge effort. Which means it may come soon.

Maybe someone here knows more about LimeSDR support and the urh road map.

It seems to support gr-osmosdr, so I think it should Just WorkTM.

I created an issue on their github, and it’s on their roadmap alright.

@gerryk thanks! I’d assumed it would work via their support for gr-osmosdr, but hadn’t got to testing yet. However, really great to hear that adding LimeSDR support was on their roadmap.

Ok, interesting. I will try it. Maybe it will do with some fiddling.

I like how it transfers data from one step to the next automatically. Some good thoughts have gone into the program so far. That’s a good sign.

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Will just have to wait for the LimeSDR device to be added. IIRC they can add a soapy or osmo device and then device negotiation will just work. Or do I have that wrong?

Don’t know it anyone noticed but there is already a branch and a pull request for LimeSDR.
I downloaded it and tried it and it detects the chip and temperature, it doesn’t show anythng in the spectrum analyzer or protocol sniffer yet.
Maybe some of you could test it as well?


Now time to play with this program only not detecting my card.

Installed in win 10 trying to run but not working “type urh” in terminal but no luck

LimeSDR now working in URH. Spec An shot attached.


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I get a spectrum but no signal. It looks like a noise spectrum. When I adjust the gain the log output is always x/100 as above, ie., set to 20 shows 0.2. A sample rate above 2.5MHz causes it to not collect samples at all. At least it doesn’t crash.

Did you file an issue on github? Or search the current ones? IIRC there was some mention of this either here or on github.

I looked into it a little but I saw that some people had it working. So I stopped working on URH to spend more time trying to get other programs working.