Understanding & Modifying Gateware

Hello @Zack , @andrewback, @Martin_T

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I am trying to understand the LimeSDR mini gate-ware shared in the github and try to modify it but I am facing some challenges:

  1. Why are there 2 pages used representing 2 Quartus projects namely => LimeSDR-Mini_lms7_trx.sof and LimeSDR-Mini_factory.sof ?

The configuration is a dual compressed image. Does this mean that some jumper config will allow to select between 2 gateware logics? or is it that both the design combine into 1?

  1. I tried making modifications in both the projects (to implement a blinking led to start with), but failed to modify the Led controller and blink it the way I want.

My endgoal is to implement (if possible) logic having ability to link to MATLAB and custom DSP functions doing OQPSK modulation.

Any and Every help is appreciated!
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Hi @nalostta,

Well, this is dual configuration setup. It is divided to User and Factory bitstreams. If User bitstream is corrupted (by power loss during update process for instance) then it falls back to Factory image. Factory image is activated during update of User bitstream as well. So, you should not touch LimeSDR-Mini_factory project. You should implement your changes in Mini_lms7_trx project.

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