UHD driver compatibility? Timestamping? Osmo-TRX support?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how compatible LimeSDR is with software written for something like USRP B210. Are there driver features the B210 has that the LimeSDR doesn’t support? One specific feature is timestamping. I understand the hardware supports it, but does SoapyUHD support it? Has anyone tried running Osmo TRX and BTS on it? There’s a video on YouTube showing the fairwaves guys running this setup, but I’m wary that they only show what does work, not what doesn’t.


Yes, there is time stamp support and this is used with OsmoTRX. if you’d like to get the Osmocom GSM BTS etc. stack stack up and running you’ll need to use our fork of the transceiver for now, since the support for LimeSDR has not been upstreamed yet.