UHD dependencies

So far I have not built UHD and everything works fine. From time to time I come across an Gnuradio OOT module that depends on UHD or a software that depends on it. But I thought that UHD was an Ettus/USRP requirment.

Can anyone clear this up? It seems that UHD is mistakenly made a dependency in some cases when it probably does not need to be.

Yes, UHD is the driver library for Ettus USRPs. There is a gnuradio wrapper called gr-uhd. If a gnuradio OOT is built to use gr-uhd, then it will naturally require UHD.

This not to be confused with gr-osmosdr, which is an API wrapper for many SDR device drivers, including UHD… but gnuradio applications can freely choose to use USRPs either through gr-uhd or gr-osmosdr.

Yes I’m using gr-osmosdr for Gnuradio. The SoDaRadio allows disabling UHD when building but the build fails without it. But it looks like UHD is used for the TX side of things with SoDaRadio and I have no idea if osmosdr has any facility for TX.

Maybe @kb1vc can comment. But in the meantime I will setup the UHD drivers.