UE in a LimeSDR LTE private network

hello everyone , i was planning on doing a LTE network using LimeSDR and srsRAN ,looking at the guide from srsRAN they are saying that i need 2 SDRs 1 for the eNB and EPC and 1 for UE .
My question is cant i do a network with only 1 SDR (Limesdr +duplexer) and for the UE just use a normal phone with a custom SIM card that i configure ,or a dongle instead of phone

here is the guide im referencing:

Yes, you can.

See also the LibreCellular documentation:


There is an srsRAN fork with native Lime API integration, which in our testing gives better performance and stability than using it via SoapySDR.

i know this question might have been asked before but do you think VoLTE is possible with this setup

Yes and it’s on the roadmap to create a LibreCellular set of configs and how-to.

However, you could also try using the Docker configs from @herlesupreeth:

You’ll already have the eNB, so won’t need that or the UE component. Just Open5GS, IMS and IMS HSS I think.

Alright will check it out ,last thing for now ,when configuring the SIM and EPC do you know what most ppl are doing for the PLMN , are they using the test PLMN or is there a other way

thanks a lot for the response ,appreciate it

Most probably use the test PLMN. The ITU allocated 999-99 for private networks, but when I configured this I found issues with at least one UE attaching, which was resolved by reverting to 001-01. That said, more testing is required to properly confirm this, as it’s always possible this was a red herring.

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