Ubuntu 24.04 - gr-limesdr broken

Has anybody here tried the gr-limesdr package in the stock Ubuntu 24.04 Noble Numbat with GNU Radio Companion? Any attempt to use a block from the gr-limesdr package fails with a
import gnuradio.limesdr as limesdr
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘gnuradio.limesdr’

I’ve see this sort of behavior before - it was a mismatch between the shared library and the Python code (IIRC the shared library was naming the symbol just “limesdr”).

Does anybody actually check that what is released works before release?

Yes, but if you mean this repo:

It was last updated one year before Ubuntu 24.04 was released.

Moving forwards the gr-limesdr blocks are being developed as part of Lime Suite NG. Though at this point in time it’s possible that there are still some wrinkles to be iron out in NG support for LimeSDR Mini, as the initial focus has been on newer boards which were not supported at all by classic Lime Suite. So you could give it a go and issue reports are welcomed, but be prepared for the possibility that it might not be fully stable yet with e.g. LimeSDR Mini.

No, I mean the main Ubuntu Universe repo for Noble, from whence I installed the version I am running.

I see. I’ve no idea what level of testing the distros do and would be very surprised if they actually test with real hardware.

GRC was caching old, bad data for gr-limesdr. Wiped the cache and all is well.
I’d forgotten GRC even cached things.

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Interesting. With Ubuntu 24.04 they distribute gr-limesdr 3.0.1, which was developed for GNU Radio 3.8, with GNU Radio 3.10. So I’m kind of surprised it works.