Ubuntu 19.04 support?

I am developing with the LimeSDR board, and over a few months have had huge success running the drivers and Lime Suite under Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

However I have for various non-related to the LimeSDR reasons, switched to Ubuntu 19.04 instead.

Is there going to be support for 19.04 in the future, and if yes, when might it be expected.


I suspect that since 19.04 is not a LTS (Long Term support) release (all support for 19.04 expires after 6 months) and there is about 3 months remaining until it expires I would guess that there would not be any packages, but I could be wrong. https://ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle

But you could install LimeSuite from source code using pybombs.

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I saw on the official page that there was 18.10 support which isn’t LTS either, which is why I was hoping that 19.04 support might also come at some point.
I will try the suggestion with pybombs :smiley: If that works I don’t really need “official” support.

Thanks for the quick response,

I think moving forward we will just support LTS releases. Don’t think the overhead is worth it for moving targets with much shorter lifetimes.