Tx Initialization

The issue I’m seeing is that LMS initialization is not consistent for my system. Through hours of testing I was able to determine that the initialization and configuration of RFE elements appears to be highly order-driven. Does anyone have information on the proper initialization order? For instance, this is the initialization order which has appeared, to me, to offer the best results:

  • Set the driver strength to the DIQ (reg 0x0022)
  • Enable the TXTSP module
  • Enable the AFE module
  • Enable the TBB module
  • Enable the TRF module
  • Enable the SXX module
  • Enable the TX Module (reg 0x0020)
  • Configure the TX LO
  • Configure the LML port
  • Configure the LML sample multiplexing (AI AQ BI BQ for DDR)
  • Set the TBB Path
  • Set the TRF Band
  • Set the TBB Frontend Gain
  • Set the TXTSP Interpolation
  • Reset the LML output FIFO

Even given the marginal success, the system isn’t consistent between restarts. If there’s anything out there which expresses the interaction between components during system initialization, for instance: enable and configure this component before that one, or enable all of these components before configuring the other components, that would be highly beneficial.

@Karolis perhaps you could advise.

@andrewback If it would help, I can specify the precise functions used during this initialization as this is largely based on the LMS7002M Driver found at the myriad github repository. Please let me know.