TX HF permormance

Hello everyone,

Before i can make a decision to cancel the Limesdr or not i would know how are the experience regarding TX HF performance is.
I see a lot postings regarding receiving.
This looks like that issue is resolved regarding the postings.
But how about TX HF?
A lot of backers here are HAM’s but almost no HAM is talking about the TX performance on HF.
Have nobody serious testing transmitting on HF?
I also want to know if they make a right choose regarding the matching components on the TX ports?

Regards Ben

Hi Ben, will make enquiries and get back to you.

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I am playing with MW TX using osmocom siggen script and listening with a usrp1/basicRX. Just getting started tho and have precious little time - hope to get some definite results this 3 day weekend. Goal is to generate some multiplex AM signals from old air checks so old radios can tune around to different audio streams :slight_smile:

@pe2ben I’ve created a page for HF performance on the wiki, with receive and transmit info:


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Will be interesting.
Regards Ben

Thanks Andrew,

This is very useful.

Regards Ben

thanks Andrew, at last some measurements for the TX direction.
Could you please post this also in the LImeSDR project? In principle, I only look at new posts in the LimeSDR project. And I think most people that ordered a LimeSDR also only observe the LImeSDR project. I only discovered this post by accident. I think this post is not only important for amateur radio but also for people interested in non-amateur radio topics like spectrum Analyser-,Spectrum Scanning, Network Analyser, LF - MF -SW - Beacon DX etc.


Do we know how the LimeSDR-Mini will perform in the HF bands. I’m assuming it will be the same as its big brother, Will it need similar modifications?

Should have next batch of boards, which will be final design, soon. Following which measurements will be taken.


@jrsphoto - John,

Just so you’re aware - The Lime-Mini will only have one channel of receive and transmit for full duplex operations, but at the same time the specs have changed and the lowest HF frequency that the Lime-Mini will do is 10 MHz and up (to over 2.0 GHz if memory serves, but not up to 3.8 GHz like the flagship LimeSDR did). So we’ll have 30m, 20m, 15m, 17m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm, and up, but nothing below 30m unless HF up/downconversion takes place. That’s my reading on it and I’m good with it.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

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