TX crash with Windows 10 and SDR console

Hi Guys,

Running Windows 10, USB 3, Limesuite connects fine. When ever I TX on SDR console the program just hangs. I have changed the USB power settings in windows 10 but that didn’t help. Any ideas would be appreciated. Works on a windows 7 machine at work fine. I also tried using a powered USB hub as I thought maybe the laptop can’t support the power needed by the LimeSDR mini but no joy… :frowning:


@martywittrock may have some suggestions and, failing which, might be an idea to try the SDR Console forums.

@andrewback, @ZS1CDG,

Sorry for the small delay in getting back with you - saw this and was going to respond same-day, but it’s been incredibly busy at work the past few days.

There are reports on the SDRConsole development group that the latest versions of SDRConsole have created a condition where the program either hangs in some extreme cases even ‘blue screens’ the PC. I think Simon has taken this on and the reports I’m seeing now that it’s fixed. Try downloading the latest version of SDRConsole for your PC (64 or 32 bit) and see if that improves the situation - but about a week ago this was an identified problem with 'Console.

Keep us advised here, too - 73 de Marty, KN0CK

ok. will give the latest version of SDR console a go. thanks for the heads-up!
Chris ZS1CDG

nope. unfortunately no joy… Will keep my fingers and thumbs crossed for the next version.
Chris ZS1CDG

@andrewback, @ZS1CDG,

Chris, one other thing I want to make sure of:

1.) Firmware is updated on the Mini to the latest gateware using the firmware update tool in LimeSuite?

2.) What frequency are you trying to transmit at?

Please let me know the above at your soonest - thanks,

73 de Marty, KN0CK

Hi Marty,

Yeap updated firmware. Trying to tx on 2.4 Ghz for QO-100. Board passes all tests using Ubuntu etc on the same PC. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Chris ZS1CDG

Have you tried transmitting into a rated dummy load?

Hi. No I will give that a go. Thanks for the idea. chris

It is always good to use a dummy load as a standard for testing.
What are you using for an antenna & how close is it?
Do you have a shielded enclosure for your lime?


Yes the lime is shielded. I works perfectly with a windows 7 laptop. I do believe the problem is something to do with windows 10 and not a physical problem with the lime itself.

I know there was an audio codec updated in the latest round of WIN10 updates. Maybe try removing the last update?
Had it worked with the WIN10 machine previously?
Just guessing here.

Assuming similarity with mini, here test on Win10
TX level bellow -60 dBm , first useful HF freq 28 MHz band

On RX with 3 MHz bandwith + LNA4HF & 30 MHz cut off,
3,5 MHz reception is feasible.
On 750 kHz bandwith have some strange mirror freq from broadcast bands.

this comes from time to time on my station too. Often the SWR is then not so good, all HF reflected to chip side, use an other connection cable, i have one with two Ferrit cores in line.

This SDR-Lime Mini works very good on transmit, must use für TX a 850Khz Bandwidth Option from SDR-Console. Try it out with a HUB if all other options dont work, or check it out on laptop, often the chipset on different USB Boards sensitive for HF , check other transmit frequency too. optional use calibrate to find the right capicitor setup for transmit output, use the right Antenna selection. Don’t use Auto- Select Antenna on SDR -Console -Option, that will be often crash by switching Frequency over the bands.

Regards from Berlin.