Trying to use LimeSDR PCIE as an FM receiver to receive to check the radio part of my card

Hello all,

we are trying to get the LimeSDR PCIE card work with openairinterface. we are able to get the eNB and EPC working. But when we connect our UE (Lenovo A6000 phone) in Band 7 it connects and disconnects frequently and the wireshark logs tells “Radio connection failure with UE lost”. so we are trying to figure out the problem if the card radio is good.
we have done the RFloopback test with the LimeSuite GUI and it is good.
Now we are trying to check the radio part of the card with the FM applications.

we found the GNU radio plugin for LimeSDR USB and LimeSDR mini cards, but nothing for the LimeSDR PCIE Card.

Is there any way to get receive and play the local FM stations using this card.
If not is there any other solution to make sure the card is working fine.

Any help regarding this is appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

As far as I know gr-limesdr should equally work with LimeSDR-PCIe, but @Zack could confirm.

Correct, It is not tested with LimeSDR-PCIe yet, but it is in the list. Sorry for inconvenience.

Hello andrew and Zack,

Thanks a lot for the reply. We have ordered a LimeSDR USB. Think it will take 3 weeks for us to receive the board. We will check it once we get our hands on it.

In the mean time is there any other way to check the LimeSDR PCIE radio part.

Thanks a lot.